CHRISTMAS Buckets - Coloured - Available in 24pks and Singles - NO LIDS

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Metal Bucket

Don't forget these...

LIMITED STOCK AVAILABLE - Please note these are a slightly different design to the Pastel, Solid and White Buckets - Nicer Handle and fixtures.

Product Information:

- No Lines

Size: 12CM Opening Diameter x 9CM Base Diameter x 11.5CM High
- Red, White, Green Silver

Each 24 pack boxes contains (can not be changed) - 7 White, 7 Red, 7 Green, 3 Silver

Purchasing means you are Agreeing to the terms and conditions.

All orders will be shipped in the order we receive them.  There is no "rush my order" option.  Please note: Express Post is not a "rush my order" option, rather it is how Australia Post will process your order once they receive it. We do not offer a "rush my order" option at this time.

Each 24pk box weighs 3.2kg (EXCEPT Packs with lids - weigh slightly more) so please keep in mind if you order 2 or more boxes then shipping will cube out over the 5kg, If the actual shipping is less than you are charged when we go to ship them, we will refund you the difference, alternatively, if it is more when we pack your order we will send you an invoice for the extra shipping and once you have paid the extra we will ship your buckets.

24PK BUCKETS COME IN SEALED BOXES AND WILL NOT BE OPENED BY US, THEREFORE WE CAN NOT ADD ITEMS TO THESE BOXES. THEY COME IN "AS IS CONDITION" IN THE BOX.  We do not take responsibility for the condition of the tins inside the box.  Small imperfections may occur, however if there are MAJOR imperfections, please contact us to discuss. By purchasing this item you are agreeing to the condition.


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