Buckets - White Range - 24 pack - NO LIDS

Buckets - White Range - 24 pack - NO LIDS

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Product Information:

- No Lines
- 12cm High
- 24 pack of WHITE ONLY
- Metal

- Each box weighs 3.2kg so please keep in mind if you order 2 or more boxes then shipping will cube out over the 5kg, If the actual shipping is less than you are charged when we go to ship them, we will refund you the difference, alternatively, if it is more, we will send you an invoice and once you have paid the extra we will ship your bucket.

BUCKETS COME IN SEALED BOXES AND WILL NOT BE OPENED BY US AND THEREFORE COME IN "AS IS CONDITION" IN THE BOX.  We do not take responsibility for the condition of the tins inside the box.  Small imperfections may occur. By purchasing this item you are agreeing to the condition.